overhead image of pierogi pizza with drizzled sour cream

The Loaded Pierogi Pizza: A crowd pleaser reimagined

At the Joe West Pizza, we believe in pushing the boundaries and coming up with ways to elevate pizza. The loaded pierogi pizza does just that.

To start, the Loaded Pierogi Pizza has no tomato sauce, swapping it out for soft, fluffy mashed potatoes full of delicious garlic. The Kolbassa sausage with its crisp edges adds a salty layer to go with the potatoes, and caramelized onions embedded in the ooey gooey cheddar cheese add the perfect amount of sweetness to even out the salty. Fresh green onions and sour cream on top bring it all together delivered on Joe West’s original flaky crust for a generous bite of pierogi in every slice.

The pizza is more than just a pizza: it’s like a full course meal of hearty pierogies and sausage in the palm of your hand. Try it now and other classics with a twist when you order pizza online from Joe West Pizza.

At Joe west pizza we are dedicated to create new and exciting pizzas. We also recognize the comfort and familiar taste traditional recipes bring. Pierogie pizza does both! this is how best pizza Edmonton #bestpizzayeg has seen in awhile was created.

Our chef Salar Melli says “It doesn’t have to be complicated to taste good”.

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Please comment and tell us what your favourites are so we can try them out 🙂

overhead image of pierogi pizza with drizzled sour cream

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