Switching up our Slices: Ratatouille Vegetarian Pizza

Did you know Joe West Pizza lets you customize your pizza? You can add or take off toppings to suit your unique pizza needs. You can even make your YEG Pizza into a vegetarian pizza or Halal!

On our blog, we’ll be sharing our staffs’ favourite ways to customize some of our pizzas. Our ratatouille pizza is a fantastic vegetarian pizza option, with its array of various vegetables on a crisp crust. You can enjoy as it is, but it can be transformed and customized to your specific preferences as well. Today, we’ll be taking the ratatouille pizza and transforming it into a well-rounded, upgraded combination pizza.

I’ve loved combination pizza ever since I was younger. The vibrant colors from all of the toppings as well as the abundance of textures was what made it stand out for me. The ratatouille pizza has a fair bit of vegetarian toppings on it to start, so adding some pepperoni and wild mushrooms and subbing out the carrots and eggplant is an elevated version of my usual go-to pizza. The olives and zucchini are a nice touch, while not being overwhelming with the toppings.

While we all have our favorites, it can be exciting to switch it up and try something new. Next time you order pizza online at Joe West Pizza, try adding or switching out some toppings for a unique pizza made fresh just for you.

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