Pizzas of the World, From Edmonton to Beyond

At Joe West Pizza, several different countries inspired aspects of our pizza . When you order pizza online with Joe West, you won’t just be getting Edmonton pizza delivery. Our one of a kind crust has cheese baked into it like Detroit, and borrows using cornmeal and butter from Chicago styles for a unique and delicious creation. Our sauce has elements of Turkish cuisine. Who knew pizza could be so international? Today, we’ll look at some of the different pizzas around the world.

To start off, Italy is where most people think of for the birthplace of pizza. The famous Margherita pizza is served with mozzarella cheese, basil, and tomatoes. A simple but delicious classic. 

South Korea is not often a place particularly associated with pizza. However, there are some unique toppings on the pizzas found here. Popular ones include sweet potato and bulgogi (marinated beef). We are running our own version of bulgogi beef pizza as our special this week. Order one here!
Learn more about Korea’s pizza scene from Annette Ekin’s post here.

In Canada, specifically in Quebec, pizza-ghetti is a daring combination for those who love sphagetti and pizza in 1 dish. There are some other uniquely Canadian pizzas out there as well on tasteatlas.com.

In the Middle East, the dish manakish has been described as the equivalent to Middle Eastern pizza. Toppings such as halloumi cheese and spiced meats are served with a dough, which is then folded and enjoyed! They can be enjoyed in several different ways as explained by Kelly from The Spice at Home.

For the US, Detroit-style pizza is a well known staple with its rectangular shaped, crispy, thick crust. Try it out yourself with Jeff Mauro’s recipe from the Food Network.

If you want to try out our pizza with elements from around the world, you can order pizza right here in Edmonton from Joe West Pizza. Enjoy the culmination of flavours from around the globe all from the comfort of your home.

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