Organic Flour – making food that we can be proud of

Here at Joe West Pizza, we only want to bring the best for our customers. This includes using local and high quality ingredients. A particular ingredient we pride ourselves on is using organic flour.

As Chef Salar says, “I want to make food that I can feed to my own family and be happy about it. Food that feels good.”

Using organic flour has many benefits. Flour.com breaks down what it means to be organic. In terms of how it’s grown, sustainable practices are encouraged. This helps conserve the environment that the product is grown in. There are also no fertilizers, growth stimulators, insecticides, herbicides, and unapproved fungicides that may be used. Long term plans for managing the organic production as well as soil analyses are also enforced. Rigorous certifications are needed to verify that producers are following the standards in order to be considered organic.

In terms of nutrition, the Organic Centre found that organic farmers favour native and or older types of grains. As a result, more minerals from the soil can be gathered thanks to the deeper roots of organic plants. This oftentimes results in a more nutritious product.

For further reading on benefits of organic flour, check out this post by anthonysgoods.com. All of our YEG pizzas are proudly made with organic flour, so order pizza online to check out our dough with that boost of nutrition without sacrificing the delicious, crispy crust of pizza.

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