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Bringing fine dining and Edmonton pizza together

You may be wondering: what makes our Edmonton pizza unique? How come I should choose Joe West Pizza as my YEG pizza of choice? Well here at Joe West, actual chefs   with a background in fine dining make each Edmonton pizza. This kind of expertise brings along with it some unconventional pizza ingredients. Today, we’ll be showcasing just some of our many unique ingredients.

Let’s start off with the crust. Our chefs created a one of a kind dough, and in it you’ll find quality ingredients like organic flour, real butter, and olive oil. It’s a perfect balance between flaky, crispy, and soft on the inside.

First on our list is turkish sausage (sujuk) made with beef, cumin, and some spice along with lyoner pork sausage with paprika and other spices. These are probably not what you’re used to getting in your typical meat lovers pizza.

When you think of mushrooms on pizza, the typical sliced white mushrooms likely come to mind. At Joe West, we don’t just use 1, not 2, but 3 types of mushrooms for our pepperoni and mushroom. We use blue and red oyster mushrooms, along with Portobello and shiitake for a savoury blend.

Lastly, ratatouille might evoke images of a French restaurant, but certainly not a pizza. Joe West’s ratatouille pizza is full of fresh carrots, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, and olives. These combine to create flavour that impress with this fresh take on a French classic.

In the mood for a new kind of pizza? Choose Joe West Pizza next time you’re looking to order pizza online, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Photo by @letseatyeg

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