Local pizza: why we should all support small business

We at Joe West Pizza make local pizzas, and we are a small, local business. Small businesses are an essential part of our community. According to the Alberta Small Business Profile (2014), 95% of Alberta businesses are made up of small businesses. 35% of private-sector jobs in Alberta are also from small businesses. By creating jobs and contributing to Alberta and Canada’s economy, small businesses are indispensable.

While the statistics speak for themselves, there are other reasons we should support small and independent businesses in our local communities. David Haber (2016) from Forbes found 43 reasons, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg (or the pizza slice). Right now more than ever, we should bolster our local economies and supporting small businesses based in our neighbourhoods.

At Joe West Pizza, we’re a small team of experienced, passionate people dedicated to bringing you quality YEG local pizza. Our goals are different from those of a corporation or chain restaurant. Like many other small businesses in our neighbourhoods, we focus on quality over quantity. We aren’t afraid to step outside of the box and try something new. We’re not an algorithm or automated phone line. We strive to create meaningful relationships with our customers. When you order pizza online with us, we believe you’ll feel the authenticity, care, and handcrafted expertise that comes from hard work with no shortcuts. We invite you to come see for yourself today and join us for a Joe West Pizza and support other small, local businesses.

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