Changing up our pizza cheese for a better pizza

Hello everyone, Chef Salar here.

For months, we were on a quest to find the perfect pizza cheese. Now when we say burnt, we mean that the cheese is cooked in a way that caramelizes it into a nice colour. This happens while bringing out a more savoury flavour. The burnt on the crust did taste great, however it did not resonate with a lot of our customers. Burnt is very occasionally good. It was great but the burnt color, while it was tasty, did not resemble that perfect balance we are always after for our pizza cheese.

On our latest delivery with Alberta Cheese however, we received 2 products. One we had tried and loved before and one we were curious about. Naturally, we grated the cheese we were curious about first and tried it! It was very different from anything we tried before. It gets super dry and crispy with no stretch and takes a very long time to caramelize.  At that point in the busy chaos, we started contemplating why did we make this mistake of using a product that we haven’t tested before?!

But then came a moment of clarity, an “aha” moment!!! This is perfect for the burnt edges and since we already have the solution for the cheese on top. We have arrived at the perfect balance of crispy and the cheese on top. Plus as a bonus, there’s enough time to get an amazing crispy crust since the cheese on the edge no longer burns!! That has been one of my recent happiest moments!!

We’d love to hear from you, so let us know what you think of our one of a kind crust the next time you order pizza online from Joe West Pizza. We’ll keep working hard to perfect our pizza in order to bring you the best from Joe West.

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