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  • Pizza is a familiar food many of us know and love. Whether you're enjoying a pizza hot and fresh on a Friday night or snacking on leftovers the day after, it's a customizable food everyone enjoys. Although we are well acquainted with this comfort food, there may be some things that surprise you. Today we’ll be looking at some surprising facts about pizza from eatthis.com. 1. 997 A.D. was when the first know documentation of the word “pizza” was discovered. While we don’t associate pizza with ancient times, it’s noteworthy that pizza

  • At Joe West Pizza, several different countries inspired aspects of our pizza . When you order pizza online with Joe West, you won’t just be getting Edmonton pizza delivery. Our one of a kind crust has cheese baked into it like Detroit, and borrows using cornmeal and butter from Chicago styles for a unique and delicious creation. Our sauce has elements of Turkish cuisine. Who knew pizza could be so international? Today, we’ll look at some of the different pizzas around the world. To start off, Italy is where most people

  • Joe West Pizza has a variety of pizzas that are available all year round. We also have special weekly, limited time pizzas where our chefs get creative and bring together pizza and fine dining. However, I don’t think we’ve introduced ourselves. Here are the pizza profiles of some of our pizzas. We can't wait for you to try them! Cheese – the classic, keeping it simple. Why fix what isn’t broken? With cheese baked right into the crush, every bite is sure to have some ooey gooey goodness.  Hawaiian – sweet and

  • Here at Joe West Pizza, we aim to bring our customers the best pizza. To help us achieve this goal, we source our ingredients as local as we can to make our Edmonton pizza. We believe that supporting local is important, and as a community and city we can all work together to support one another. Perhaps now more than ever, supporting local is vital to making sure that our friends, neighbours, family, and smaller businesses can thrive and continue to serve the Edmonton community.  From the Italian Centre Shop, we

  • Have you ever been cooking or baking something and wonder, how does this all come together? It seems like magic, but what's really going on in some of our favourite treats? Like many great foods, our YEG pizza dough gets some help from science. Today, with the help of Alia Hoyt and howstuffworks.com, we’ll be delving into the science behind pizza dough. First off, you need flour to keep your dough stretchy enough thanks to the gluten present. Next, a firm crust requires water to helps the starch and gluten in the

  • Pizza toppings. There are some we love, and others we tend to avoid. Most of us have had a debate or two about what foods are crowd pleasers versus unforgivable. Pizza has definitely had its fair share of food debates, from thin crust or deep dish, tomato or alfredo sauce, hot or cold. Today, we’ll be going through some controversial pizza toppings that will make you say yay or nay. Pineapple First on our list (unsurprisingly) is pineapple, probably the most highly contested pizza topping out there. It’s best known on Hawaiian

  • Joe West Pizza continually strives to be a champion in Edmonton pizza, customer service, and in serving the community. And champions are all around us as well. We continue to be inspired by those around us who motivate us to keep going in achieving this goal. But what does it take to be a champion? We can all be champions not only literally but also symbolically! You could champion a cause and also be a literal champion in something like a sports! Being a champion means persistence and moving forward with

  • Did you know we have a unique limited time pizza special? Every couple weeks, Joe West comes up with an innovative, new pizza to bring to our customers. We take some tried and true favourites and give it a chef's twist to create something delicious and exciting. This week, we drew on inspiration from Italian cuisine.  Introducing the Italian Job, made with delicious chorizo salami, pickled artichokes, red onion, bell peppers, banana peppers, and sundried olives. Top it off with Francos cheese on our amazingly delicious one of a kind crust,

  • You may be wondering: what makes our Edmonton pizza unique? How come I should choose Joe West Pizza as my YEG pizza of choice? Well here at Joe West, actual chefs   with a background in fine dining make each Edmonton pizza. This kind of expertise brings along with it some unconventional pizza ingredients. Today, we’ll be showcasing just some of our many unique ingredients. Let’s start off with the crust. Our chefs created a one of a kind dough, and in it you’ll find quality ingredients like organic flour, real butter,

  • Here at Joe West Pizza, we only want to bring the best for our customers. This includes using local and high quality ingredients. A particular ingredient we pride ourselves on is using organic flour. As Chef Salar says, “I want to make food that I can feed to my own family and be happy about it. Food that feels good.” Using organic flour has many benefits. Flour.com breaks down what it means to be organic. In terms of how it’s grown, sustainable practices are encouraged. This helps conserve the environment that the

  • Hello everyone, Chef Salar here. For months, we were on a quest to find the perfect pizza cheese. Now when we say burnt, we mean that the cheese is cooked in a way that caramelizes it into a nice colour. This happens while bringing out a more savoury flavour. The burnt on the crust did taste great, however it did not resonate with a lot of our customers. Burnt is very occasionally good. It was great but the burnt color, while it was tasty, did not resemble that perfect balance we

  • Have you ever made pizza at home, but didn't get that perfect pie? Today, we reveal some mistakes when making pizza at home and how to avoid them from Chef Salar: 1. If the dough is too cold if you roll it, it wouldn’t cook all the way through. Make sure your dough isn't too cold when you're rolling it, your oven will thank you. 2. Too much moisture in the pizza. Whether it’s from an overload of toppings or too much sauce, too much moisture in your pizza makes it too watery and you

  • We at Joe West Pizza make local pizzas, and we are a small, local business. Small businesses are an essential part of our community. According to the Alberta Small Business Profile (2014), 95% of Alberta businesses are made up of small businesses. 35% of private-sector jobs in Alberta are also from small businesses. By creating jobs and contributing to Alberta and Canada’s economy, small businesses are indispensable. While the statistics speak for themselves, there are other reasons we should support small and independent businesses in our local communities. David Haber (2016)

  • If your favourite way of ordering food through a user-friendly app, we have good news to share. Introduce the Joe West Pizza app. Ordering our YEG pizza is easier than ever with our new app, filled with plenty of features to make sure you can order electronically, easily, and effortlessly. We aim to create the best experience possible, from the moment you put in an order to when a hot, fresh pizza arrives at your doorstep. Here are just some of the options we have available:  The app is optimized for

  • Did you know Joe West Pizza lets you customize your pizza? You can add or take off toppings to suit your unique pizza needs. You can even make your YEG Pizza into a vegetarian pizza or Halal! On our blog, we’ll be sharing our staffs' favourite ways to customize some of our pizzas. Our ratatouille pizza is a fantastic vegetarian pizza option, with its array of various vegetables on a crisp crust. You can enjoy as it is, but it can be transformed and customized to your specific preferences as well. Today,