5 Surprising Facts About Pizza

Pizza is a familiar food many of us know and love. Whether you’re enjoying a pizza hot and fresh on a Friday night or snacking on leftovers the day after, it’s a customizable food everyone enjoys. Although we are well acquainted with this comfort food, there may be some things that surprise you. Today we’ll be looking at some surprising facts about pizza from eatthis.com.

1. 997 A.D. was when the first know documentation of the word “pizza” was discovered.

While we don’t associate pizza with ancient times, it’s noteworthy that pizza goes back a lot farther than we thought. It’s interesting to find out that pizza has been satisfying hungry people throughout history.

2. Canada is the birthplace of Hawaiian pizza.

A classic yet controversial pizza staple was actually conceived right here in Canada by Sam Panopoulos. You can enjoy our take on this pizza with our unique crust and fresh cut pineapple (maybe we can even change your mind if you’re anti-pineapple).

3. 25% of an average slice of pizza is protein.

Cheese for fats, the crust for carbohydrates, and protein too? Pizza hits all the macronutrients.

4. Saturday nights are the time most people to enjoy some pizza.

Whether you’re curled up on the couch watching Netflix or spending the weekend with loved ones, pizza is a perfect addition to Saturday nights.

5. An immunity boost can be found in tomato sauce.

Delicious AND it has health benefits? What’s not to love?

Overall, this crowd-pleasing food continues to surprise us with new interesting facts. Check out the original post by Jennifer Hussein at https://www.eatthis.com/pizza-facts/ for even more facts about pizza! Have all of these facts about pizza made you crave a slice? You can order a pizza hot out of the oven from Joe West Pizza today!

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